Review of the Auto Mobile Code System


I was impressed that the area for members only has a well-thought out design and is very user friendly. The entire system is straight forward and split up into a variety of sections so that you can get around easily without unnecessary confusion.

By joining to the AMC system, you’ll have access to the following modules:

  • The software for the Auto Mobile code
  • Coaching via Mastermind training
  • A mobile business that has already been setup for you
  • A variety of DFY businesses
  • Traffic mobile code to help with back linking
  • Viral mobile code for generating traffic

Being a member will get you the important training to manage and get around the system easily. I utilized the system, and will share the end results I have been getting further on in this personal review. Right now, I want to discuss the system that costs $49.00 as a one-cost.

The Auto Mobile Code is simple enough for just about anyone to understand. Giovani and Tessa Leoni have set things up so that it too me no more than about 15 minutes to learn the full approach. The training you get will walk you through each individual step so that you understand how to handle everything you need to know without trouble.

I found it very important that the software you use is web-basmembers-areaed, which means that you will simply use an Internet browser and your Internet access to use it, without having to deal with downloading anything. You can easily use it whether you’re using a computer, laptop or even a tablet. It also does not matter if you’re using Mac, Windows, Unix or any other platform for access.

The Auto Mobile Code is a SMS, or texting platform that works automatically for you. You will not need to come to the table with a lot of previous experience, as Giovani offers you exactly what you need to do and know to get yourself setup to start making money. This means he guides you from the moment you start through to the point where you begin the money making process. You will pay a one-time cost of $49.00 and there will never be any other costs. You simply bring yourself to the system, and in return, you will get the platform itself and all the resources and training that you personally need. It is simple enough that you only need to copy and paste the steps you’re given to follow and you’re done!

No matter what country you live in, the system is available for use anywhere. You will need a bank account or a Paypal account so that once you start earning money it can be immediately deposited by your personal affiliate network.

You will be trained by their Mastermind Training program. Giovani himself is paying for this important training. This means that he will be paying a variety of guest coaches to present you with live training via webinar for six weeks. The webinars will vary and may be offered once or twice per week at most. If you are unable to make it to a scheduled webinar, simply log in the very next time you can and you’ll find that they will have the previous webinar up for you watch at your leisure.

The training will fully prepare you with all that you need to know about the actual Auto Mobile code as well as some other paths you can take for money-making online. I learned that the very first training session will take place 10-9-14, and I will happily be at that first one. The results that I explain below will help you to see exactly why I enjoyed the training.

The final outcome of my using the AMC system!

I have now had about a week to use the code, and you’re probably wondering whether it was successful or not. I also wondered whether this code was a scam or the real deal.

In the end, I found that it is truly successful and there is no scam involved at all. ┬áMy first results seemed a bit slow, but then suddenly, the system generated $700 for me in just one day’s time. Soon after, I found myself making $1,000 on the next day. You are fully missing out if you do not take advantage of this system!

Anyway you need to know that this offer will not be online forever, as Giovani said he is going to take down the offer as soon as he reaches the targeted number of members. I encourage you to try the system because it is protected by the money back guarantee.




Who is Giovani Leoni?

giovaniGiovani Leoni is a very successful Internet Marketer, and he is married to a beautiful lady named Tessa. They live and work in sunny California. He owns an expensive sports car and a personal helicopter for their personal use. They live in an amazing home that many people would consider to be a mansion.

Leoni is responsible for developing an amazing software code called the “Auto Mobile Code.” The name comes from the fact that the money earning possibilities it brings about will happen automatically after it has been set up. He’s made it so that people who use it to generate income do not have to have a great degree of technical ability.

The code created by Leoni works by using cell phones all around this vast world of ours. You can use any computer or even a tablet that has Internet access to get the code set up in their system, and the best part is that it takes as little as 60 seconds to get it running. After that has been done, the code will automatically make money for you in your account on a continued basis, 7 days per week throughout the entire year.

Leoni is the type of person who wants to help others make money so that they can become wealthy over time just like he did. When the code was first developed, he felt that it was truly a dream. He wants others to be part of that dream as well. The success that others have from using his code makes Leoni very happy, and he wants to make other people very lucky financially as well.

He knows that many people have tried a number of ways to make money online without a lot of luck. So many people have tried binary options, blogging, websites and many more ways to try to earn cash. These same people have even thrown away money while trying to earn money, but Giovani has set up his system so that users they invite to participate pay a simple one-time fee to gain access. That one-time fee gives users life-time technical support access for as long as they want.

giovani-and-wifeGiovani believes that by paying for the bulk of the support for code users, he and his wife will be helping themselves make more money as well. He does not want you to regret the financial opportunities that they have personally received by using the code. In addition, he wants to make sure that he and his support employees personally help you earn money in your own account that you can use in any way you want to, whether it’s buying a new home, a new car or paying your bills.

Understand that this man is wealthy, but a very sharing person who is sure that you will not regret your decision to be part of his very small, invitation only team. In fact, he’s so sure of it that the people who are invited to sign up will receive a money-back guarantee if they’re not satisfied.

You can get one of the invites through this link here.

Using Mobile Marketing To Keep Loyal Customers Loyal

loyal-customerAfter searching the internet far and wide, you can now end your quest for the best tips on mobile marketing because they are right here! You have arrived in the right place. These are the top tricks and tips for creating the most effective results in spreading your message to your target audience.

It’s important to remember that you need to give in order to receive – this is true when it comes to your subscribers as well as in most other areas of life. Offering an incentive of some sort will give you a higher response rate. This incentive could be special mobile content, coupons for your website, or information that is relevant and special to them.


One of the key tricks to success is keeping your mobile messages short and precise. Your subscribers will not want to read long messages; they need texts that cut to the point quickly and clearly. Another point to consider is the fact that mobile phones have small screens, so it is vital to tailor your texts with this in mind. Following this tip will enable you to reach more people in a more effective way.

Refrain sending messages to your customers late at night and on Sundays. This is basic etiquette. Check time zones so that you never send out messages at night time. It is safest to wait until midday, and never send a message on a Sunday. Avoid Saturdays too if you can.

When keeping track of your campaign, not any old web tracker will be sufficient. You need a mobile-specific type of software for keeping up with your data. In order to stay up to date with everything, try different tracking platforms like Mobilytics and Bango.

Cater your advertisements to aim high and to find that hook that will become a viral success. Creating something that people will want to pass on to friends and family is the most effective way of ensuring success.

Short and sweet, or hit delete! This is a good rhyme to remember- customers will delete long laborious messages without reading them. If your ad is short, concise and catchy, you have a much higher chance of it being read, and of achieving purchases by your customers.

In brief, there is no need to search any further for the best advice on how to run an effective and successful mobile marketing operation. You should now be feeling both excited and well prepared for getting started on your highly successful mobile marketing campaign.

Succeeding In Mobile Marketing

How You Can Make Mobile Marketing Work For You

mobile-marketingIf you want to succeed in the mobile marketing world, you need to have some sort of marketing strategy. You have to be aware of the resources available to you, and just as aware of the people you can ask for advice. Your goal is to promote your business, and you need to be able to do that consistently. Follow this advice, and you can do that with ease.

When you’re putting together a mobile marketing enrollment form, make sure to include messaging about standard message costs. While it’s common for consumers to have unlimited messaging plans, there are still people out there who pay per message, or have some kind of monthly minute. When you include this message, they’ll be aware that they may have to pay when they receive the messages your business sends.

Make sure you keep things brief when you’re sending out text messages for a new campaign. You only have 160 characters to work with, so figure out how you can say everything you need to say in a succinct way. Only use abbreviations if they’re so well known that you’re just your customers will recognize them.

Use QR codes whenever you can. Now that so many potential customers use smart phones, you can attract their attention with a well-placed code. Make sure anything you send out, from a brochure to a card, includes a QR code. It’ll give customers a reason to pay more attention to you, and an easy way for them to find out more about you.

If you do use QR codes, make sure you track them. There are a number of websites that’ll allow you to see how much traffic a QR produces for absolutely no charge. This will allow you to figure out which marketing strategies are working out for you, and which ones aren’t.

Give customers the chance to give you feedback. Many mobile marketers don’t allow incoming messages, which means a customer can’t reply to their messages if they have something to say. Give customers the opportunity to speak their mind. This information can be extremely valuable, and can let you know if you need to make changes to your current plan.

Do as much research as possible. The more you know about the way mobile marketing works, the easier it will be for you to come up with successful plans. Read up on strategies other companies used, and see how they worked out for them. Learn from other people’s mistakes so that you can easily avoid them.

Don’t put together a mobile marketing strategy until you’ve taken the time to figure out the best course of action. Knowledge is power, and you want to build a powerful plan.

Effective Mobile Marketing Tips For Your Business

Many businesses are developing their own technology platforms and mobile apps today, like never before in history. This is why it has become so important to keep up with the latest trends in offering your own specialized marketing strategy to attract the largest number of customers to your business. This article will help you to build up an effective blueprint for your mobile marketing campaign.

Your SMS messages should be concise and short when developing a successful mobile marketing campaign. The messages are usually limited to 160 characters, and you should be creative enough to make use of this space to convey your message effectively. Using abbreviations can be a bit tricky. If you are using them, make sure that they are commonly accepted and would make sense to your clients.

Your customers should be shown an easy way to opt out of your mobile messages if they wish to do so. Giving them an option to remove codes and texts from a distribution list will be the easiest way in this regard. Even if your customer wishes to stop receiving your messages, they will still remember that you made it simple for them to do so, and may opt-in again if they see the value in your messages.

Maintain your campaign on a timely schedule. It is nothing more frustrating for a client to sign up for a mobile marketing campaign and never hear anything from the company. You should send a message to your customer at least once a week. Even if it means to welcome them onboard.

Your message volume should be consistent in order to allow your customer to know in advance how many messages they would be receiving from you on a weekly or monthly basis. When your client is familiar in this aspect, they will be gladly waiting to hear from you on schedule. Make a schedule and stick to it without fail.

Mobile marketing will take some work from your side in order to become highly successful. A mobile marketer is really a businessman who needs to work on their overall reputation to attract the required amount of clients to the business.

You also need to cater to the customers who aren’t responding to you in the mobile marketing campaign. This is vital if you need to attract more and more customers to your business. You need to fix what is not working with your campaign in order to attract more customers to your fold. You should also be doing more work to bring back repeat customers to your business.

Your messages should be sent at reasonable times. Don’t be inconsiderate with your text timing as it will not sell, no matter how wonderful your offer is.

You need to have a basic understanding of mobile devices in order to develop a successful mobile marketing campaign. Sampling many different types of mobile devices will allow to give the best ideas in making your mobile messages more customer friendly.

The aforementioned tips and tricks will definitely help you to devise a more competitive and engaging mobile marketing campaign. This will no doubt create a more loyal customer base, drive sales and ensure that you brand is always within reach of the customer. These steps will help you to stay ahead of the game and succeed in all your mobile marketing efforts.